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cDNA Spot Localization

cDNA spot localization solutions use the cDNA microarray image as the input and transforms it into an edge map which can be viewed as a line drawing image with a spatial resolution identical to that of the input. An intensity edge map corresponds to sudden changes in image characteristics which tend to occur at spot boundaries and the locations of these changes reflect the shapes of cDNA spots.

Acquired cDNA image


Localized spots


Multichannel images such as cDNA microarray images carry information contained in the various spectral channels. This information can be used to identify and detect spot edges. The boundary between two surfaces with different properties can be determined in more than one way, as the edge formation can be attributed to changes in one channel or in both channels simultaneously. Since cDNA images can be viewed as vector fields, edges can potentially be  detected as differences in local vector statistics which accurately reflect variations in spectral information and spatial image content. Moreover, due to the utilization of the robust order-statistic principle, the nonlinear vector operators can be less sensitive to noise compared to the conventional edge operators such as Sobel, Prewitt, and Canny edge detectors.


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