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cDNA Microarray Imaging

Registering the scanned monochrome images corresponding to the experimental and control channels produces a two channel Red-Green (RG) image. Such a cDNA microarray is a vector (multichannel) signal which can be represented, for storing or visualization purposes, as RGB color image with a zero blue component.

Each sample of the cDNA microarray image can be considered as point, defined by its intensity values in the red and green channel, in a two-dimensional, RG vector space. Thus, each cDNA sample represents a two-dimensional vector which is uniquely determined by its magnitude and direction in the RG vector space. This suggests that cDNA microarray images can be processed according to their magnitude and directional characteristics. However, due to the numerous noise sources affecting the cDNA microarray image formation, any processing task on such vectorial data is rather difficult and challenging.


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