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My current research is in the areas of digital camera image processing, color image and video processing, microarray image processing, and secure digital imaging. The additional content and the corresponding links will be added soon.

Digital Camera Image Processing

Color Image and Video Processing

bulletColor filter array design
bulletSpectral modeling
bulletCFA image zooming
bulletDemosaicked image postprocessing
bulletmore ...

bulletImage noise modeling
bulletNoise filtering
bulletEdge detection
bulletSpatial interpolation
bulletVector processing
bulletmore ...

cDNA Microarray Image Processing

Secure Digital Imaging

bulletcDNA microarray imaging
bulletcDNA image characteristics
bulletDenoising and enhancement
bulletData normalization
bulletcDNA spot segmentation
bulletmore ...

bulletVisual cryptography
bulletImage secret sharing
bulletSecure image coding
bulletSecure digital camera
bulletImage indexing
bulletmore ...

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